Community Holocaust Commemoration

Sunday, April 19 - Tuesday, April 21





Welcome to our first virtual Yom Hashoah. We are so glad you are here. Join us as we remember the victims of the Holocaust, honor its Survivors, and teach future generations.

Barbara Ostroff, Yom Hashoah Committee Chair



Remember. Honor. Teach.

Recordings of the 2020 Yom Hashoah Virtual Programs 

A Conversation with Ben Midler

Before watching this video, please watch the short documentary about Ben's Life then skip to 4:30 in the video above for the programs with his daughters. 

Developing Global Leaders

Join Steve Schindler and Nicole Nocon as they explore their how their different family's history are making an impact in Germany today.

2020 Yom Hashoah Remembrance Cermony

San Diego's annual Yom Hashoah commemoration lead virtually by Rabbi Ralph Dalin and Rabbi Scott Meltzer.

Yom Hashoah Candle Lighting 

Join Holocaust Survivors and the grandchilden of survivors for a special candle lighting. 

Sharing Our Families Stories 

With the Butterfly Project Education team. Learn more at

Talia's Tolerance Tour 

Talia Schauder, Poway High School senior, shares her grandfather story and tolerance presentation with local high school students and community members. 

Benjamin Midler

Life of a Child Survivor

The Butterfly Project

Sharing Stories

We Remember Campaign

World Jewish Congress

Steve Schindler Feature

Dr. Edith Eva Eger

Her Dance of Life

Survivor Stories

Holocaust Survivor Ruth Sax, Sandra Scheller

Keeping Memories Alive

Sandra Scheller



San Diego Holocaust Survivor Coalition

San Diego is home to nearly 500 Holocaust Survivors, many who are outliving their resources and experiencing emerging and dynamic needs. They are at risk for poor physical and mental health, depression, and social isolation. They face challenges that can trigger memories of their traumatic experiences. After enduring one of the darkest periods in human history, we want to ensure they live comfortably and with dignity for the remaining years of their lives. Taking care of Holocaust survivors is not just the responsibility of any single organization, but the responsibility of our entire community.


The San Diego Holocaust Survivor Coalition is a collaboration of Jewish organizations, institutions, and individuals that are dedicated to providing Survivors with the respect and dignity they deserve. It is only together that we can address the complex needs of this vulnerable population and offer access to vital medical and food services, compassionate care, and the social embrace of our community.


Based on the belief that we can do far more together than any one of us can do alone, now is the time for us to renew and fulfill our promise to NEVER FORGET, NEVER AGAIN. As partners, we will work together to embrace the remaining Holocaust Survivors in San Diego.