ShinShinim Young Ambassadors Program


The Jewish Agency’s Shinshinim are high-school graduates who choose to defer their military service for a year of service abroad. Shin-Shin is a Hebrew acronym for shnat sherut (year of service). They are carefully selected, recruited, trained, and sent to Jewish communities around the world to share their youthful and enthusiastic Zionist spirits.


What are ShinShinim

The ShinShinim are high school graduates who were selected to participate in a Year of Service Program that offers Israeli teens an opportunity to share their youthful and enthusiastic Zionist spirits with the diaspora communities. This Jewish Agency for Israel program in partnership with the Jewish Federation of San Diego County allows our community to meet young Israeli ambassadors, and connect with them in a meaningful way through a shared sense of collective responsibility, global Jewish discourse, and collective Jewish consciousness. The ShinShinim share their love and knowledge of Israel through various organizations in our community, synagogues, schools, and senior centers. They make Israel accessible, and help Jews develop a strong, meaningful attachment to Israel through tangible engagement, which cultivates Israel-Diaspora connections. Together with our community, this is one of the important ways we are bringing Israeli culture, experiences, and connections to San Diego.
Yuval, Evyatar, Gal and Michal are joining our San Diego community this August! We are looking for families to help welcome them to our community. The Shinshinim stay with host families during their service year, forming close and often lifelong family friendships. Families provide a spare bedroom, meals, and a welcoming and inclusive home.

"There is no better way to connect with Israel than person to person. Hosting a ShinShin was a transformative and enriching experience for my family."

Past host mom, Britney Ewing

Prospective Host Families Resources:

Download this informative document as a PDF here.

In Partnership With

Local Program Partners


The Shinshinim Program relies on strong community partners. We are proud to work with:


Congregation Beit Israel
Congregation Beit Am
Congregation Beit El
Camp Mountain Chai
Lawrence Family JCC
Seacrest Village
Temple Emanu-El

Meet our 2022 ShinShinim!

Yuval Faibish

Kfar Saba

Evyatar Lustiger


Gal Madmoni

Moshav Yechini, Sha’ar HaNegev

Michal Megira

Kibbutz Or Haner, Sha’ar HaNegev

For more information on this program please contact Miri Ketayi.