Israeli Judicial Reform

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Dear Friends,

Our relationship with and love for the land and the people of Israel is and will always be integral to Federation’s DNA. From long before the birth of the state of Israel, Jewish Federation of San Diego has worked tirelessly to ensure that the government and its people flourish. And out of this love, many of us are paying close attention to the intense debate in Israel focused on potential reforms to the Israeli judicial system and the relative power of the Knesset vs. the Israeli Supreme Court. Across Israel, we have watched hundreds of thousands of Israelis take to the streets to protest the impact they fear these judicial and other proposed reforms are likely to have on many aspects of Israeli society, including issues at the core of the relationship between Israel and Jews in North America. 

This week, the Knesset is taking up a bill on judicial reform that would fundamentally alter the balance of power in the state. There are a growing number of experts taking the position that some changes to the current system are needed, but that the bills submitted by the governing coalition are too far-reaching. President Herzog, in a rare foray into politics, has urged dialogue and a five-point plan to find a compromise. 

After much discussion and consultation with local Federations, Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) have sent a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Opposition Leader Lapid urging them to embrace President Herzog’s proposal for the resolution of these issues and enter immediate negotiations to find a compromise. Jewish Federation of San Diego was given the opportunity to review this letter ahead of time and has agreed to endorse it.  

Since the new government came into power, JFNA has worked to provide up to the minute information and education to understand what is being proposed and what is at stake. Here you will find a robust page of resources on a range of topics related to the new government, including scholarly articles, webinars and relevant articles from leading journalists. Topics covered include: 

  • Background on the new government and how Israeli elections work
  • Significant policy issues at stake: 
    • Changes to the judicial system
    • The law of return
    • Religion and state
    • Democracy in Israel
    • LGBTQ+ rights

We encourage you to engage with these resources, to learn from these scholars and experts, and to join us for a first-hand deep dive into Israel at 75 on our CommUNITY Trip May 4-11. We will continue to bring you information and opportunities to learn more about these reforms over the coming weeks. 

Jack Maizel Heidi
Jack Maizel
Board Chair
Heidi Gantwerk
President & Chief Executive Officer


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