Our Two Shekels

A Stronger, More Rooted San Diego Jewish Community

Dear Friends, 

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of listening to Deborah Lipstadt speak in conversation with Rabbi Jason Nevarez in a wide-ranging discussion about security, antisemitism, racism, Holocaust denialism and Jewish identity. She was asked how she stays standing given all th…

From Darkness to Light: Federation in Action

Dear Friends, 

Last Saturday, we all followed the attack in Colleyville, fearful of the worst possible ending as we also were reminded of our own local past tragedies. Federation and ADL San Diego were in touch immediately to share updates and discuss potential local warnings.


Your Support, Your Community – Together, Let’s Help Those in Need

During turbulent times, Jewish Federation of San Diego County is laser focused on caring for Jews in need. More than 10,000 Jews in San Diego live at or near the poverty line, including includes seniors, Holocaust Survivors, single parents, and people with disabilities and mental illness

Shabbat Shalom from Israel


I write this Shabbat message from Israel, where I am filled with emotion and excitement—even though I’m still in quarantine, having only landed here earlier today. If you’ve been here, you know. There is just nothing like being in Israel with its inspiring, vibrant mix of anc…