Young Families


San Diego is home to one of the largest and most vibrant Jewish populations in the United States, yet only about 20% of Jewish households are connected to the Jewish community. Engaging more of these households is paramount to the strength and endurance of our community in San Diego.


We have learned that traditional methods of reaching these unengaged households no longer work, and with the increasing plurality of Judaism, new approaches must be utilized to connect new residents and unengaged Jews, especially those in the growing number of interfaith households, to the many diverse pathways to a Jewish life.

A Community for Generations


Young Families was created for the sole purpose of building a lasting Jewish community in San Diego. Through collaborations with synagogues and communal organizations, it aims to lower barriers and encourage new residents and interfaith families to engage “Jewishly” in ways personal to them.


Because of YOU, thousands of local children will receive Jewish books and music through PJ Library subscriptions, helping families all over San Diego, including children in interfaith households, learn about their Jewish identity and history.


Thanks to the program’s camping incentives, kids can attend Jewish summer camps, many for the first time, making life-long Jewish memories and friendships and instilling a lifetime of Jewish values and pride.

New and Lasting Connections


Our goal is to connect 5,000 new households to the Jewish community over the next five years, creating the most welcoming Jewish community in the United States. This goal can be realized by bringing together community organizations and synagogues to create a collaborative community.


Shalom San Diego will award grants to a wide array of opportunities to participate in religious, educational, cultural, social and volunteer service programs provided by our partners that connect new and unaffiliated Jews with the community.


Shalom San Diego offers these and countless other opportunities that foster meaningful connections to a vibrant and lasting Jewish community, one that will endure for generations to come.

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