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It’s the 24th of February. While bombs fly overhead in one part of the world, Jewish leaders nearly 5,000 miles away raised tens of millions of dollars within weeks to support the Ukrainian community. It’s moments like this that we are reminded of the power of our community.


But we didn’t spring into action the day the war broke out in Ukraine.


We work year-round, building community in more than 70 countries so that in moments of calm we see Jewish life flourish and in moments of crisis we are ready to spring into action. You - our Jewish community - are the reason we are able to support so many, so quickly in moments like this.

$85 million was raised and distributed.

Below are six areas of our work in the past year. 


Six months ago Russia invaded Ukraine, creating the worst humanitarian and refugee crisis in Europe since World War II -- impacting millions, including 200,000 Jews. At every stage, thanks to your steadfast support and generosity, UJA has been on the ground with the resources and expertise to meet the staggering and evolving needs.


To date, UJA has allocated more than $16 million in emergency funding to provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine, as well as in Europe, Israel, and New York, where so many families -- mainly women and children as the men remain behind to fight -- are dealing with the trauma of both separation and their new refugee status. With your support, we've evacuated 50,000 people and supported close to 140,000 refugees in Ukraine and 10 other countries. 


Because we were there before the war -- providing support to the Jews of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union -- we were able to move quickly within hours of the invasion, activating our networks to provide both immediate and ongoing assistance. And we’ll be there for as long as we are needed in the months and years to come. Standing together -- we’ll meet the challenges ahead. 


Phase One: Immediate Crisis Response 


At the start of the invasion, we worked 24/7 with our partners to provide critical humanitarian aid and evacuation assistance for millions fleeing Ukraine. As the massive influx of refugees crossed into Poland and other neighboring countries, UJA partners and grantees offered medicine, shelter, psychological counseling, and for those who chose it, the opportunity to make aliyah to Israel. The first sight refugees saw as they crossed the border: the flag of Israel. 


Watch this powerful video about a group of 18 New York-based rabbis of every denomination we sent to Poland to bear witness and bring emergency supplies as the enormity of the tragedy began to unfold.

Ukraine Rabbis

Video courtesy of UJA Federation New York

In Ukraine, our support has provided and continues to provide desperately needed food, medicine, and shelter for the internally displaced. Homecare workers, employed by our partners, moved in with elderly clients who were in no position to evacuate. 


Passover: A Taste of Freedom 


Over Passover, UJA brought together a historic coalition of 20 nonprofit partners -- from Chabad and the Orthodox Union to the World Union for Progressive Judaism and World Central Kitchen -- distributing Passover-related food and supplies across Ukraine and in countries housing refugees. 


On behalf of the 75,000 people who felt the warm embrace of community this Passover -- we thank you. 


Our Impact:


  • 35,900 people hosted at seders

  • 90 tons of matzah distributed

  • 66,200 hot Passover meals delivered

  • 31,500 food packages given to 53,000 people

  • 50,000 Haggadot handed out

UJA: Passover Ukraine

Video Courtesy of UJA Federation New York

Phase Two: Helping Refugees Cope With a New Normal 


Most refugees who fled Ukraine never expected to be away from home for months or longer. They need our financial and emotional support integrating into new communities, whether they remain in Europe, choose Israel, or resettle here in New York. Our latest round of funding is focused on providing employment training, legal services, emotional support, and cash assistance to help build new lives, for as long as needed. 


Our funding has also provided children traumatized by war and upheaval some sense of stability. In Israel, we’re helping 4,500 children attend education centers and summer camps. In New York, where there are fewer refugees, we’re funding scholarships for about 150 children at local UJA-supported summer camps. Watch this report on how -- thanks to you -- kids bearing so much of the brunt of the conflict are able to experience some desperately needed joy.


Your kindness and generosity are what make all this possible. Thank you for sustaining this lifesaving work. 

Refugees at Summer Camp

Video courtesy of ABC7 New York