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There is something different about a program that doesn’t end after a few hours—waking up surrounded by your peers, sharing meals together, and learning through a variety of shared experiences over the course of multiple days. Immersive experiences deepen identity, friendships, and connection to your Jewish community. Federation aims to make Jewish experiences accessible to every teen in San Diego through grants and awards. 

Immersive Experience Grant
We are pleased to offer subsidies for San Diego Jewish teens participating in an immersive experience. Immersive experiences include 2+ day Jewish retreats, conferences, trips, and other experiences outside of San Diego County. If you have any questions about your programs eligibility please contact Wendy McCreary, contact information below. Subsidies are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted. Applications should be submitted with proof of enrollment at least one month prior to departure. 

  • Eligibility: 

    • San Diego Jewish teen, grades 9-12 (fall 2023)

    • Enrolled and registered for an approved 2+ day immersive (out of San Diego) experience (proof of enrollment required)

    • First time recipient during the academic year, including summer 2024

  • Teens are eligible for the following Jewish immersive experiences: 

    • $72: 2-4 day Jewish immersive experience

    • $180: 5-7 day Jewish immersive experience

    • $360: 8-12 day Jewish immersive experience

    • $540: 12+ day Jewish immersive experience

  • Ineligibility: 

    • Residential / Sleep-Away Camp (See One Happy Camper for more information)

    • Israel travel through a San Diego organizational trip. Please note these organizations have already received subsidies for those trips.


Additional funding may be available from RootOne.




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