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As antisemitic incidents in our community have increased, the Federation is taking the necessary steps to support the safety and security of our community. Through consultation with experts, various training, vulnerability assessments and appropriate communication, we work with Jewish institutional leadership to make sure they are equipped to handle security challenges as they arise. Our Community Security Vision Statement speaks to our commitment to our Community’s well-being.

Jewish Community Security Vision Statement 

(drafted by Federation & ADL on behalf of the San Diego Jewish Community)  

We strive to be a community that is safe, secure, and welcoming for all who wish to engage in Jewish life.  

We believe all synagogues, day schools, agencies and organizations should have access to information, resources, and courses of action that lead to proactive security decision-making.  

We share a responsibility to collectively take steps toward the safety and security of the community at-large. 

We are committed to joining together in a community-wide network, with communication systems and protocols, that lead to the urgent sharing of information and incidents in our community. 

Community Security Director for San Diego

☎ 858.737.7148

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Bill Ganley joined the Secure Community Network (SCN) as the Community Security Director for San Diego, California in February 2023. In this role, Ganley serves the local community across San Diego County in his role with the Jewish Federation of San Diego.

In addition to serving as a trusted advisor for Jewish organizations in the area, his responsibilities include facilitating security concerns through consultation, education, and training as well as physical security assessments; maintaining and creating effective partnerships with local, state, and federal law enforcement and emergency management agencies; implementing a region-wide emergency communications system; monitoring intelligence related to terrorism and public safety; and assisting with the coordination of security for major events in the community.

Ganley has over 30 years of experience in traditional and humane law enforcement, having honorably retired as a Deputy Police Chief and Chief of Humane Law Enforcement. He served in both executive level and operational leadership roles within the Salem, New Hampshire Police Department, including command of major case investigative units, firearms training, narcotics enforcement, emergency and disaster response, incident command during critical events, and police academy instruction. His experience also includes serving on a state-wide narcotics task force in an undercover capacity for close to two years, working with local, county, state, and federal agencies throughout New England. For the past five years, he commanded the San Diego Humane Society’s Humane Law Enforcement Team, overseeing felony animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect investigations in 14 cities in San Diego County.

Bill does trainings for different audiences, vulnerability assessments for Jewish institutions, communicates with law enforcement about community incidents, and informs community leaders about any security related information they need to be aware of.


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The Secure Community Network is the official safety and security organization of the Jewish community in North America. The work hand-in-hand with Jewish Federations in providing expert advice, training, and security related resources and they are our valued partners in our Community Security Director project.

Click here to learn more about the important work that they do.


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The Federation’s JCSI program is designed to enroll institutional leadership in a six-session program focusing on security best practices such as situational awareness, Stop the Bleed training, cybersecurity, and other important topics. Our first cohort in 2022 featured nine Synagogues, (Temple Solel, Temple Beth Shalom, Congregation Adat Yeshurun, Congregation Beth El, Temple Adat Shalom, Congregation Beth Israel, Congregation Beth Am, Ohr Shalom Synagogue, Temple Emanu-El), with each receiving a Federation grant of $10,000 for security improvements. Session topics include: Community Practice, Situational Awareness, Emergency Operations Plans, Safety and Security Fitness, Cybersecurity, and Leadership and Communications. Our next cohort will begin later this year. For more information please contact Matt Goldberg, 858-737-7129 or


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Secure Community Network has several short online trainings such as Active Shooter, Disaster Preparedness, and Identifying Threats, Our Community Security Director can provide free, comprehensive, in-person trainings for a variety of community audiences. Click here to learn more and to schedule trainings and/or Vulnerability Assessments at your institution.

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program is a program designed to provide vulnerable institutions funding to improve their security features, such as alarm systems, cameras, shatter resistant glass, etc. While deadlines have passed for Fiscal Year 2023, we can assist facilities interested in applying for the upcoming round. We will announce grant deadlines as they are released and will conduct ZOOM grant-writing trainings with SCN experts. For more information on Federal grants, click here, for California state grants, click here. For more information, please contact Matt Goldberg.


Providing the resources necessary for Jewish institutions to better protect their congregants and constituents is a vital and core function for the Jewish Federation. The important work that goes on in our community does not happen unless we feel safe in our Jewish homes.


The resources we provide our community such as trainings, assessments, communication, consultation on federal grant applications, and general security related advice are the necessary tools needed to close any security gaps at our institutions.  Our relationship with the Secure Community Network further allows communal institutions to leverage this access for additional national support.    


Through our Jewish Community Security Institute, we provide grants of $10,000 for institutions to make the necessary security modifications they identify as being urgent and necessary.