27 2017

Startup18 Jewish Engagement Lab - Control & Direction

12:00PM - 1:30PM  

Hera Hub 4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd #400
San Diego, CA, CA 92121
858-201-6094 jennie@startup18.org

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We can help you, while you help the community. This group inspires, encourages and supports grassroots Jewish initiatives in San Diego.

APRIL WORKSHOP: Control & Direction Balancing Entrepreneurial & Independent vs Partnership, Integration and Considerations About Evolution

Sometimes you can't partner, especially to start something because a Partner isn't interested. At what points does partnership become possible, are you open to it, they? What are some of the reasons your program at various stages may be more appealing to potential partners and what are your realistic expectations about sustaining your programs long term. Is it even a consideration? We'll talk about examples of successful partnership that allow for autonomous program development but support in other ways and scenarios in which startup programs were successfully integrated into long lasting traditional agencies.

We'll also workshop as a group several of our own Lab project founders ideas for pilots and answer their questions, challenge them with recommendations. If you want to sign up to workshop your project idea with the Lab, sign up here. We will take up to 3 and allocate 15 minutes each to you.


5 Projects will receive $2500 grants each May 7th, 2017!

WHAT: A workshop for Jewish or Israeli project founders to help you launch a project to enrich Jewish life in San Diego or a public benefit nonprofit of any kind. Learn how to pilot your project, find funding, and increase your impact. Get going and launch your idea this year!

WHO: Jewish and/or Israeli project founders, pro bono coaches and/or donors.

WHY GET INVOLVED? Meet other project founders dedicated to personal growth, improving our communities, and enriching Jewish life in San Diego. Pro bono coaches engage with members in the Jewish community leveraging your strengths, skills and experience. Donors hear about innovative work that needs further nurturing and be a part of building a stronger and more engaged Jewish San Diego.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? 3 Jewish Community projects will be selected by their peers involved in the process from January-May for grants sponsored by the Covenant Foundation. Two additional projects led by Israeli-Americans or related to Israel will be selected at the Hackathon for grants sponsored by the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. To be eligible, projects must participate in some meaningful ways in either our Idea Slam on 1/8/2017, the Jewish Engagement Lab or small discussion circles leading up to the Hackathon on 5/7/2017.

Questions? 858-201-6094 - info@startup18.org - www.startup18.org

Covenant Foundation, PresenTense, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation

Tarbuton, Jewish Federation of San Diego County, Leichtag Foundation

Sponsor: Tarbuton, Startup18, Covenant Foundation, Upstart