24 2014


25 2014

Shabbat San Diego


Hosted Shabbat Dinners – Friday October 24, 2014 after services at participating congregations and organizations as well as Private Homes.

Enjoy the tradition of a Shabbat Dinner with family, new and old friends. Shabbat is ushered in by lighting candles and reciting a blessing. The evening dinner typically begins with kiddush and a blessing recited over two loaves of challah followed by a festive meal. Singing is an optional tradition at Shabbat meals.

Shabbat San Diego will match guests with host families at private homes as well as encourage others, in conjunction with local congregations and organizations, to participate in communal shabbat dinners at participating synagogues and in limited community venues to be determined.

Shabbat, the unity day of rest – Saturday October 25, 2014.

Saturday morning special services at participating congregations, followed by congregational Kiddush and in selected locations there will be study opportunities, guest lectures and organized events throughout the afternoon.

All Jewish denominations encourage certain activities on Shabbat: Reading, studying, and discussing Torah and commentary; Synagogue attendance for prayers; Spending time and socializing with family, friends and guests; enjoying the hospitality of Shabbat meals; Singing shabbat songs; and Sleeping. Observant Jews refrain from performing 39 prohibited categories of activities. Shabbat San Diego will provide participants with an overview document on celebrating an observant Shabbat upon request.

- See more at: http://shabbatsandiego.org/info/shabbat-programs/#sthash.ZSdBTeBf.dpuf