6 2022

Seeing Stars written and performed by Ellen Gould

10:30AM - 12:00PM  

Gillian (Passcode: myshul) Ohr Shalom Synagogue
2512 3rd Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103

Contact Gillian Gillian Argoff-Treseder

Seeing Stars written and performed by Ellen Gould

Ellen Gould, who received an Emmy for her autobiographical musical Bubbe Meises, Bubbe Stories (PBS), will
present scenes from her solo musical, Seeing Stars. Written and performed by Ms. Gould, Seeing Stars is about
vision in all its senses, telling the stories of five diverse women all affected by Stargardt disease (juvenile
macular degeneration), with limited sight and limitless vision. Ms. Gould will take us through the process of
discovering, developing and performing this musical based on her own experience of disability.

Event held on Zoom: (Passcode: myshul)

Sponsor: Community Partners: JCC, J*Company and Deaf Community Services