6 2017

RAW Series: Chess

6:00PM - 8:00PM  

Lawrence Family JCC, David & Dorothea Garfield Theatre
Available for purchase only at the door. 4126 Executive Drive
La Jolla, CA 92037

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$ Cost $ 13.00

The collaborators on Chess are giants of rock music, and they have created a complex rock opera that played to full Broadway houses and standing ovations. Here, the ancient board game becomes a metaphor for romantic rivalries, competitive gamesmanship, super-power politics, and international intrigues. The pawns in this drama form a love triangle: the loutish American chess star, the earnest Russian champion and a Hungarian American female assistant. From Bangkok to Budapest, the players, lovers, politicians, and spies manipulate and are manipulated to the pulse of a monumental rock score.

One night only!