8 2015

Purim Party in Balboa Park

10:30AM - 1:00PM  

San Diego History Center in Casa de Balboa
free parking nearby 1649 El Prado,
San Diego, CA

Contact Beverly Zarnow
no charge for the Purim Party only for the museum

Purim and Dr. Seuss--a fun combination right? We are going to blend the magic and heroism of Purim with the imagination and creativity of Dr. Seuss at the San Diego History Center in beautiful Balboa Park. We'll meet at the grassy area across from Casa de Balboa building where Madrikha Beverly Zarnow will lead singing, craft making and retell the popular Purim tale of Mordecai, Esther, Ahasuerus, and Haman. Then we'll visit the special Dr. Seuss exhibit of the late Jewish humanistic artist, Theodore Geisel. Kids and parents will enjoy a cozy reading center with famous books by Dr. Seuss or do projects in three activity areas. The cost to the museum is $5 adults and $2 for ages 6-17; under 5 free. Contack madrikha for more information.

Sponsor: Kahal Am, The Humanistic Jewish Community of San Diego