20 2020

Mysteries of the Machzor with Liturgist Alden Solovy

Elul is about preparing for the High Holidays with prayer, study, introspection, and acts of charity. The Mysteries of the Machzor is about preparing for the High Holidays by understanding important parts of our liturgy. Each session will focus on one core prayer: Unetaneh Tokef (Power of the Day), Vidui (Confession), Kol Nidre (Release), and Aveinu Malkeinu (Almighty and Merciful). The sessions will include conversation, exploration, and prayer.

Join Reform Liturgist Alden Solovy in preparing for the High Holy Days with an exploration of some of the treasures found in the Machzor, our High Holy Day prayer book. Together, we will be engaged in the action of study in preparation for repentance by deepening our connections to the prayers of the season.