16 2015

Mountain Hiking- Mt. Laguna

11:00AM - 5:00PM  

Brian Remas 2757 Arland Road
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 579-1591

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Hello Hikers!

Pine trees, deer, rabbits, and wild flowers are just a few things that can be seen on Mount Laguna. This protected area just barely missed the Cedar Fires back in 2003 that burnt all the plants, trees, and animals in it's path.

Hikers are given the chance to witness great San Diego mountain views. One will see large pine tree forests, giant prairies, and amazing views of Anza Borrego Desert, 3,000 feet below you. It is hard for me to convey the beauty and feeling of being in this place, so I guess you just have to go!

Things to Bring:
At least 2 Liters of water (that's 2 Nalgene water bottles)
Snacks (nuts, trail mix, energy bars, apples, etc)
Hiking shoes or trail running shoes (something with grip)
Hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen

About the hike:
Distance- 10 miles
Difficulty- Moderately Strenuous
Time- 5 hours (with breaks and snack stops)
Elevation- 5,400-5,900 feet (rolling hills)

Exit Interstate 8 at Sunrise Highway, just east of Pine Valley. Drive north, uphill, on Sunrise Highway, observing the mile marker signs on the side of the road. The mile marker starts at about 13.5 at Sunrise Highway/I-8. Drive to Penny Pines Trailhead, mile 27.3 on Sunrise Highway, where parking is available along the highways wide shoulder. If you park outside of the Penny Pines parking area, an Adventure Pass is required.

If you have any questions, my number is (760) 579-1591