29 2020

Moishe House San Diego: Virtual Cocktail Class

Lets learn how to make your favorite summer cocktail just in time for the weekend! Hang out with us, learn something new, and have a drink!
All drinks require ice!
Drink #1:
-Lime Juice (2 ounces)
-6 Mint Leaves
-White Rum
-Soda Water
-Sugar Syrup
-Angostura Bitter
Drink #2
-Lime Juice (1 ounce)
-Ginger beer (1 can)
-1 lime
Drink #3
-Your favorite fruit! Better frozen!
(1 cup)
-(1/3 cup) of frozen limeade or lemonade (can use juice if you don't have frozen)
-2 TBS powered sugar
-1 ounce of White Rum