6 2018

Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning

10:00AM - 12:15PM  

Lawrence Family JCC

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$ Cost $ 500.00

Each fall, the Adult Jewish Education department opens its doors to a new class of Melton students who embark on a journey that strengthens their relationship to Judaism and deepens their understanding of how Judaism continues to provide intelligent, relevant and thoughtful answers to issues of life and death, society and our global village, ethics and morality, historical events and future challenges. The two-year non-denominational curriculum, developed by educators at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is designed to speak to the intellectually curious and contemporary adult Jewish learner. Ancient as well as recent texts on a variety of subjects form the basis of the teachers' presentations and the classes' conversations. There are no prerequisites, tests or homework. The school is open to any member of the community. If you want to incorporate new friendships and Jewish learning into your life, then this is the place for you!