23 2015

Meetings with Martin Buber: Spiritual Journey

10:00AM - 11:30AM  

Lawrence Family JCC 4126 Executive Drive
La Jolla, CA 92037

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$ Cost $ 40.00

"Explore the life of Mordechai Martin Buber, one of the greatest Jewish thinkers of the Twentieth Century and one of the most distinguished philosophers and spiritual leaders of the modern era. Buber's “ I and Thou” concept has had a tremendous impact on academic discourse as well as an immense personal impact on readers all over the world. In these sessions Professor David Barzilai, Ph.D., will explore the life, work and influence of this great mind and spirit.

Professor Barzilai holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and Jewish thought and an MA in Jewish history and Holocaust studies and a BA in education and Jewish history from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For over twenty years he has taught dozens of courses to thousands of students, offering a wide range of courses on Judaism, Jewish history, Jewish thought and philosophy, on Israel and Middle East politics, and on the Holocaust. Among his most demanded courses are the politics of Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict, a political history of Jerusalem, and the Holocaust. He also teaches regularly for the San Diego chapter of Brandeis, and lectures in Jewish religious institutions and for Jewish social groups like Hadassah."