16 2015

Mastering Your Job Search: Skills for the Seasoned Worker

10:00AM - 12:00PM  

Looking for employment in today’s job market can be difficult and stressful. In the last decade,
the application process has evolved from personal to impersonal, and in most cases you must
apply online. Yet the best job leads are still developed among members of your personal and
professional networks. Come learn creative strategies to find employment opportunities and
the computer skills to put together a professional application.

Facilitated by Camille Harris
Camille Harris is an Educational Counselor with a focus on career counseling, coaching, and research.She is a native of San Diego and has experience working in the business and education management sectors for more than 10 years. Camille understands and knows the impact technology has had in today’s work environment and how it has affected the job search process. Camille is a strengths-based counselor who supports individuals of all ages by providing them the essential strategies to achieve their career goals.
Questions? Contact Camille Harris at (858) 637-3355

Sponsor: Employement and Career Services of Jewish Family Service of San Diego