21 2014

Judaism 4.0: Where Torah, Midrash, Philosophy & Mysticism Meet

10:00AM - 11:30AM  

Lawrence Family JCC

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The Israelite religion described in the Torah is Judaism 1.0. After the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 CE, a new class of scholars, the Rabbis, led Judaism into its next phase, Judaism 2.0, using a process of literary interpretation known as Midrash. In the Middle Ages, independent philosophical and mystical works were drafted to justify and promote the Rabbinic enterprise.

Two hundred years ago, the traditional Jewish communities of Europe began breaking down as a result of political emancipation and the Jewish enlightenment. The consequent emergence of the modern denominational landscape is Judaism 3.0. Our animating questions are: What’s to salvage, what’s to jettison, and where are we headed?

Rabbi Shai Cherry, PhD holds a doctorate in Jewish Thought and Theology from Brandeis University (2001) and was subsequently ordained as a Conservative Rabbi by the Ziegler School (2009). Cherry wrote the first user-friendly text
book on Jewish biblical commentary: Torah Through Time: Understanding Bible Commentary from the Rabbinic Period to Modern Times and is featured lecturer for The Great Course’s “Introduction to Judaism.”

Price: $150; JCC Member Price $120

A minimum of 15 students is required