11 2021


10:30AM - 11:30AM  

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Ever see a dreidel floating and spinning in microgravity aboard a rocket flying above Earth? Or hear the Torah read by an astronaut orbiting our precious planet?

Over the last 60 years, Jewish men and women have played a significant part in exploring space, and some have brought up with them and/or acknowledged various aspects of their Judaism while amidst twinkling stars. You'll learn about these super cool cosmic Hebrew heroes and amazing factoids, and relive the joy of their memorable experiences to elevate your own pride to infinity.. and beyond!

ROGER WEISS has been proudly supporting the International Space Station (ISS) Program at NASA/Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, since 2000. As Technical Integration Lead with contractor Barrios Technology, he leads an ISS Research Client Service+Satisfaction Team that interviews scientists and engineers about their space station research experience with NASA, and also monitors the ISS Research Client Helpline. As part of the ISS Research Communications Team, Roger manages myriad pages comprising the ISS Research & Technology websites and the Low-Earth Orbit Economy web pages on NASA.gov. His everlasting passion and enthusiasm for all things space—especially the ISS and its research benefits for humanity--allow him to engage, educate, and inspire people of all ages about NASA, its illustrious programs, accomplishments, and achievements during professional and voluntary public outreach efforts at myriad venues. In 2017, Roger was awarded NASA’s Exceptional Public Service Medal for his contributions to upholding the excellence of the ISS’ on-orbit research endeavors. A longtime member and former Adult Education trustee of Congregation Shaar Hashalom in Clear Lake, TX, Roger has organized talks by Jewish astronauts about their exciting missions. Roger has authored and delivers an informative and entertaining presentation, “Jews in Space,” and is writing a book on this theme. His everlasting dream is to fly in space since seeing his hero Neil Armstrong become the first human to walk on the Moon in 1969, and to explore the depth of the vast heavens after viewing his other hero Carl Sagan’s original Cosmos series on PBS in 1980. Roger and his wife, Nancy, have two sons/mensches, Zack and Justin.

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