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Inside Jewish Greece and Bulgaria JDC Entwine


June 21, 2015 - June 29, 2015

On Inside Jewish Greece & Bulgaria, you'll engage with truly unique and historic Jewish communities that, though declining in numbers, remain vibrant and strong.

Bulgaria is a Balkan state located in the southern part of Eastern Europe and was part of the Soviet bloc until 1990, when it held its first multiparty election. The Jewish community, primarily Sephardic Jews, numbered 50,000 prior to World War II and was largely spared during the Holocaust. Since then, however, most of Bulgaria’s Jews have immigrated to Israel, leaving behind a community of about 7,550.

More than 85% of Greek Jews perished during the Second World War, and most of the survivors immigrated to Israel. But for the 7,000 Jews who remained, JDC aided with emigration, earthquake relief, long-term credit programs, vocational training, and medical assistance. As the community became self-sustaining by the mid-1960s, JDC began to partner with local institutions to help cultivate future community leaders and ensure a viable Jewish future in Greece.

Explore an exclusive first-ever JDC Entwine Insider Trip for young professionals to Greece & Bulgaria. Participants will engage with these historic and dynamic communities, take part in hands-on service projects that meet community needs and exchange with unique Jewish communities in the Balkans.

Itinerary Highlights:
• Gain unique insight into the challenges and opportunities facing Jewish communities in Sofia, Bulgaria and Athens, Greece and understand how they continue to function and plan in an environment of economic instability
• Participate in exclusive site visits & briefings with JDC professionals and community leaders
• Engage in a cultural exchange with local young Jewish leaders
• Explore the rich cultures of Bulgaria and Greece through sightseeing, sampling local cuisine, and arts and culture
• Travel with young professionals from across the United States and around the world

Trip Chairs: Nelson France & Aaron Herzl

Application Deadline: December 15, 2014

Email for our online application, cost information and sample itinerary. Subsidies available!

Sponsor: JDC Entwine