31 2022

Inner Journeys with the Omer

5:00PM - 6:30PM  


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$ Cost $ 120.00

After the sweet heights of Pesach, we count the Omer—the 49 days between redemption from Egypt and the revelation at Mt. Sinai—an invitation to do the spiritual work that opens the pathways from humanity to Divinity (and back). Join Rabbis David Curiel and Getzel Davis in a deepened exploration of the lower sefirot—the qualities of God, self, and world found in the mystical Kabbalah. Each week we will explore that week’s sefirah through text, soul and self, including spiritual practices to enrich the journey. Our first session, before Pesach, will serve as an overview of the sefirotic system. Over the following seven weeks, we will explore all seven 'lower sefirot' in depth and introduce the higher worlds as well. Open to all!

Sponsor: ZIVUG, Hebrew College, Asiyah