22 2018

House of Israel Earth Day Celebration

9:00AM - 5:00PM  

Balboa Park
Event is free
San Diego, CA 92124
619-566-6603 info@cottageofisrael.com

Contact Helene Held
Event is free

The House of Israel is proud to exhibit ‘Israel’s Contribution to the Environment’. Our over-sized exhibit invites visitors to learn about Israel’s breakthrough technologies in areas such as water conservation and agriculture. The first 2000 guests will receive a FREE TOMATO PLANT grown from Israeli seeds! Earthday allows us to reach visitors that we don’t typically see on a Sunday afternoon, allowing more to learn about the many Israeli innovations that contribute to a cleaner Earth.
On Earthday, the entire park is devoted to Earthday exhibits and events. No cars are allowed into Balboa Park on Earthday. Food vendors abound, entertainment is provided. Exhibits are free

Sponsor: House of Israel