22 2014

Holocaust Living History Workshop with Ruth Hohberg

5:00PM - 7:00PM  

UC San Diego

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Getting Here: An Odyssey Through World War II

Born in Silesian Bielsko, Poland, Ruth Weiss Hohberg fled eastward during WW II. Her parents were forced into a Siberian labor camp and then relocated to Uzbekistan where Ruth attended school. At war’s end, she returned to her hometown, only to find the population unwilling to accept returning Jews. After an interlude in Sweden, she arrived in the United States. Her long ordeal illustrates an experience that is less familiar to Holocaust studies but in urgent need of exposure.

Ruth Hohberg is an artist and writer and lives in Rancho Bernardo. At this event she will be interviewed by UCSD undergraduate Rebecca Tran.

Sponsor: Holocaust Living History Workshop at UC San Diego