12 2022

Hidden truths regarding the Lithuanian Jewish Community exposed

10:00AM - 12:00PM  

Zoom Online
San Diego, CA 92121
6198842280 sajacsandiego@gmail.com

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SAJAC San Diego is sponsoring this event on Zoom.
There is no charge. However, registration is necessary before the start time. Here is the link to register.


Michael Kretzmer will introduce the subject.
He will also show the trailer of his recently released documentary, ‘J’Accuse’.

Silvia Foti will presents her story covering her grandfather, Jonas Noreika, and explain why she has pursued seeking out and telling the truth at any cost to correct the distorted history by Lithuania regarding how Jewish Lithuanians were treated, and what she hopes to accomplish in the long run.

Grant Gochin will then present his story regarding his family in Lithuania and his pursuit of justice for Lithuanian ancestors who perished at the hands of the local community members and the Nazis.

There will be time for Q&A afterwards that may be directed to any of the speakers.

Sponsor: SAJAC