13 2015

From Hasidism to Heschel Modern Jewish Thought from Eastern Europe

10:00AM - 11:30AM  

Lawrence Family JCC 4126 Executive Dr.
Teen Lounge
San Diego, CA 92037

Contact Ilene Tatro
858 362 1154

$ Cost $ 160.00

Instructor: Rabbi Shai Cherry, PhD

Throughout the 20th century, courses in modern Jewish thought focused almost exclusively on legal reforms coming out of 19th-century Germany. Let's shift perspectives and look at the emergence of Hasidism and their opponents - the Mitnagdim; the cultural reforms of Modern Orthodoxy; the curriculum of the Mussar movement(a Jewish ethical, educational and cultural movement that developed in the 19th century ); and the synthetic Zionism of Rav Kook.

About the teacher: Rabbi Shai Cherry, PhD holds a doctorate in Jewish Thought and Theology from Brandeis University (2001) and was subsequently ordained as a Conservative Rabbi by the Ziegler School (2009). Cherry wrote the first user-friendly text book on Jewish biblical commentary: Torah Through Time: Understanding Bible Commentary from the Rabbinic Period to Modern Times and is featured lecturer for The Great Course’s “Introduction to Judaism.”