21 2021

From Disability to Ability - A Story of Perseverance & Determination

10:30AM - 11:30AM  

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(858) 280-6331

San Diego Outreach Synagogue is proud to honor Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion Month with this special, thought-provoking program on Sunday, 2/21 at 10:30 am (PST). You will be moved by Jonah's story of perseverance and determination.

JONAH SANDERSON, 32, is a Jewish Los Angeles professional that almost wasn’t! Misdiagnosed with mild mental retardation at 9 years old, a high school dropout, he checked out of education. At 22 with no direction and aimless, he enrolled at Aish Hatorah. There he found out that not only were labels for food, labels are meaningless. He embraced God, became a high school graduate, earned his BS in Criminal Justice and aspires to someday becoming a Rabbi. About to earn his MA in Jewish Studies, join him and Rabbi-Cantor Cheri Weiss for a beautiful interview.

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Sponsor: San Diego Outreach Synagogue