2 2018

Dr. David Lieberman: Scholar In Residence at Beth Jacob Congregation

5:05PM - 6:00PM  

Rand Levin 4855 College Ave
San Diego, CA 92115
619-287-9890 office@bjsd.org

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Friday Feb. 2 - Dinner (w/ paid reservation) followed by lecture.
Saturday Feb 3 - Several lectures during Shabbat. Lunch (w/ paid reservation).
There is no charge for lectures.
Online, on air, or in print, Dr. Lieberman is recognized worldwide as the expert’s expert.
Dr. David Lieberman is the legendary leader in the fields of human behavior and interpersonal relationships. His groundbreaking research and writings have established him as a remarkable force of influence across a spectrum of fields and industries.
Dr. Lieberman has appeared on more than 300 programs. He is a frequent guest expert on national television and radio shows, and he has been interviewed for, and featured in, 
leading newspapers and magazines around the globe.