15 2017

Concert Noam Vazana Israeli, Ladino music+ electronic and jazz influences

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Congregation Beth El 8660 Gilman Drive
La Jolla , CA 92037
858-201-6094 jennie@tarbuton.org

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If Nina Simon and Tori Amos would go a little crazier, played trombone and piano at the same time, and had the versatility to switch between North African, Sephardic and Middle Eastern music and jazz they would produce the hypnotizing sounds and charismatic vocals of this fresh talent on the global music scene. Hailing from Amsterdam after winning the Jewish Sepharadic music award, and a recent appearance at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Vazana’s trio combines the ancient Ladino language with relevant electronic and jazz influences, creating a co-existence of past and present. Her new release “Love Migratio” won the ACUM album prize and is ranked #14 at the iTunes bestselling jazz charts.
In cooperation with Voice of Peace Network, Award winning musician Noam Vazana will be performing in La Jolla.

Sponsor: Tarbuton, Voice of Peace Network and Congregation Beth El