7 2015

Challenging Convention: Secular and Humanist and Jew

10:30AM - 12:00PM  

North University Community Library 8820 Judicial Drive
La Jolla, CA 92122.
858-549-3088 president.kahalam@gmail.com

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These classes are free to the public and require no textbooks.

In this Adult Education Class you will hear a video lecture by Rabbi Sivan Malkin Maas, dean of T'mura-IISHJ a school which trains humanistic rabbis in Israel. Her talk is entitled, "Challenging Judaism in Israel." She explains how humanistic Judaism is part of the mainstream of secular thought in Israel today. Rabbi Maas says, "Jewish culture is a pluralistic entity in which we choose our reality. Cultural Judaism encompasses all of what is Jewish culture. We are part of a single culture..." She continues, "I don't believe Israel is the center of the world--but I do think Israel is unique. It is not just another Jewish community. Its a people and a state and I hope it will stay a Jewish one."

Sponsor: Kahal Am, The Humanistic Jewish Community of San Diego