7 2014


8 2014

Carlebach Shabbat

4:00PM - 11:55PM  

7289 Navajo Road
San Diego, CA 92119

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R' Shlomo Carlebach's twentieth yahrzeit, the 16th of Cheshvan, falls out on Sunday, Nov. 9 this year. Young Israel of San Diego is having a Shabbaton Nov. 7-8 celebrating his life, work, and message. The Shabbaton plans will include:

-Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat, complete with instruments until the conclusion of "Licha Dodi"
-delicious, healthy Friday night catered meal
-a discussion about Reb Shlomo and his life
-Shabbat morning service using Carlebach tunes
-delicious, healthy catered Shabbat lunch
-a discussion about the power and history of song/music in Judaism
-moving Carlebach Havdalah
-Carlebach Melaveh Malka