14 2017


15 2017

Cali-Israel-Mexico Innovation Expo - in Tijuana, Mexico

10:00AM - 6:00PM  

B.I.T Center Tijuana Blvd. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz 12415, El Paraiso
Tijuana, B.C., Mexico, 22106

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Exhibitors, Sponsors & Attendees Invite!
We are proud to announce the upcoming Cali-Israel-Mexico Innovation Expo and Conference in Cali-Baja, Mexico on November, 14 - 15, 2017.

The innovation Expo will be held in Cali-Baja region at the B.I.T Center in Tijuana, Mexico .The Expo is being held in collaboration with the Mexico Consul General in San Diego and Tijuana Economic Development Corporation (EDC), alongside San Diego/L.A World Trade Centers, Tesla Foundation, and Israel Government Economic Mission to the West Coast.

ATTENTION: All Israeli / U.S. Startups and Companies, Mexico and Israel invites you to attend and showcase your innovations, solutions and products at the Cali-Israel-Mexico Innovation Expo. Mexico is seeking Israeli / U.S innovations by startups and companies to help establish new business developments in the Cali-Baja region. The Expo is a regional flagship conference centered in Southern California and the Cali-Baja region of Mexico. The Expo attracts innovators, investors, business and community leaders where they gather to discuss showcase and collaborate on Israeli, Mexican and US investments in innovations and solutions. The Summit will give rise to insightful discussions, focused on M&A, cross-border investment, venture capital, education and asset management.

Expo attendees will include partners, sponsors, Consul General of Mexico in San Diego, Tijuana Economic Development Corp. (EDC) executives, along with leading Israel/Mexico/US companies, business leaders investors, fund managers, VC’s, strategic partners, Cali-Baja MFG executives, government offices and leading organization from the U.S., Mexico and Israel.

Exhibitors: Reserve your booth today, “early bird discount” by July 1, 2017
Attendees: Reserve your badge today.
Sponsors: Become a sponsor today.
Speakers: Reserve your seminar/panel today.

Sponsor: MX Consul General SD, Tijuana EDC, SD/L.A WTC, Tesla F., Mintz Levin, CA/IL Chamber of Commerce, Israel Gov Economic Mission.