23 2014

Facts about Genetic Conditions among the Ashkenazim

11:00AM - 1:30PM  

Hadassah 4950 Murphy Canyon Road
CA 92123

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Learning about your heritage is a beginning. All around the world distinct ethnic groups have been identified as having increased risks for particular genetic diseases. In the Ashkenazi Jewish population, several such inherited diseases are known. These include Gaucher disease, cystic fibrosis, Canavan disease, Bloom syndrome and others. Gaucher disease (pronounced “go-shay”) is the most common Jewish genetic disorder. Among Ashkenazi Jews, 1 person in 16 is a carrier for this disease, and 1/1000 has Gaucher disease. To learn more about genetic diseases among persons of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, please join us for this complimentary presentation. Speaker is Gary S. Frohlich, MS, LGC Senior Patient Education Liaison US Genetic Diseases | Genzyme Nurses: Certificate for 2 Contact Hours of Continuing Education Available for no charge. Brunch served - RSVP's after 3/17/14 accepted as availability allows.