Creating a Brighter Future for the Next Generation


For almost 80 years your generosity has made an impact on Jewish lives in more than 70 countries around the world. As a system, Federation delivers more direct support for Jews in need than all the other Jewish charities in the world combined. We partner with agencies that help advance Jewish renaissance in communities in need across the globe. We also work together to rebuild Jewish communities devastated by social and political unrest.

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San Diego Community Impact in Action

Joint Distribution Committee

Caring for Seniors: Welfare Center through the Hesed Program in St. Petersburg

Hesed is Hebrew for compassion. For tens of thousands of destitute elderly Jews across the former Soviet Union (FSU), each day is a bitter struggle for survival and they are in need of great compassion. We help provide it. Protein sources and critical medicines are unaffordable luxuries; the choice between going to bed hungry or shivering cold is the unthinkable reality. Nominal pensions and rising inflation plunges these elderly well below the poverty line, with no family or social safety net to break their fall. Despite having survived decades of Communist repression and Nazi terror, their last years are being spent as some of the poorest Jews in the world.

JDC has the know-how, the experience, the history, and the boots on the ground to care for these impoverished Jews. Your support makes it possible.



Jewish Agency for Israel

Creating a Strong Jewish Future: Summer and Winter Camps in the FSU

In Russia, many Jewish communities face significant challenges in accessing formal and informal Jewish education. Reaching young Jews is becoming increasingly difficult due to their remote locations, far from the hubs of Jewish activity. In order to secure a Jewish future for the vulnerable communities surrounding our sister city of St. Petersburg, we focus on members of the next generation who will be the leaders in reestablishing Jewish life and culture in these periphery communities. One way we do this is through Jewish camp experiences, that bring young Jews from all over the St. Petersburg area & periphery together to learn more about who they are.
An estimated 600,000 Jews live in the FSU, and are unaffiliated with the Jewish community. We provide a bridge to Jewish life for people in periphery communities.
Over the last two decades, 160,000 Jewish youth from periphery communities participated in Jewish summer camp sessions, building Jewish identity through leadership development and educational experiences.
This year nearly 15,000 children and adults will participate in Jewish summer camp programs, which will include over 130 camps in 20 countries across Central and Eastern Europe and the FSU.





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