Reflections from Day 1 - Rabbi Devorah Marcus

Written by Rabbi Devorah Marcus on November 28, 2023

Last night we spent time with some of the residents from kibbutz Erez. They shared with us the harrowing story of realizing the security breach, and the subsequent defense of their kibbutz for more than 6 hours while they waited for the IDF to arrive. Because of a number of factors, they were able to hold off the terrorists and prevent the massacred and atrocities that happened at some of the other Kibbutzim and at the Nova festival. They are determined to return to their homes on Kibbutz Erez as soon as possible. They have strengthened themselves w ith a clever play on a popular Hebrew song, “Ein Li Eretz Acheret” which means “I have no other land”. The song is a statement of determination in the face of devastation, grief, loss, and anguish. They altered the words as you can see on the wall and on the sweatshirt to say:

“Ein Li Erez Acheret” meaning, I have no other Erez.

It’s their statement of determination to rebuild their homes, and more importantly, to find a way back to hopefulness in the face of grief, loss, and despair.

We encouraged them to sell them online so we can all buy them in support and solidarity.

They gifted us with reusable bags with the logo.


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