My Two Shekels: Double Your Impact TODAY

Elaine Galinson understands the impact that a strong Federation can make on Jewish children, youth, teens, adults, and seniors. A longtime supporter, Elaine embraces Federation’s vision of caring for Jews in need wherever they are, building Jewish community and strengthening Jewish identity, and connecting San Diego to Israel and to Jews around the world.

That is why she decided to create a matching fund.

“I established this matching fund – and increased my own gift to Federation – because I recognize what it takes to meet the growing needs of our Jewish community,” Elaine says. “It’s important for all of us to step up, to do more, and to support this vital institution’s efforts.”

And it couldn’t be easier! Increase your pledge  by 10% or more by December 31, 2019, and watch your impact increase with a dollar for dollar match of the  increased amount, up to $50,000.

Consider a gift* in support of one of our six initiatives:

  • Israel: Connecting San Diego to the people and land of Israel.
  • Overseas: Caring for Jews in need wherever they are.
  • Teens: Investing in experiences that help to build the next generation of Jews.
  • Young Professionals: Creating opportunities for Jewish community and leadership.
  • Young Families: Building lifelong Jewish bonds for young children and families.
  • Aging/Seniors: Addressing issues such as illness, vulnerability, displacement, and grief, including our Chaplaincy program.

Hurry! This match is for our 2020 fundraising effort and applies to ALL pledges of 10% or more made by December 31, 2019 (don’t worry – pledges don’t need to be paid until December 31, 2020)!

*For all donors $5,000 and above, please inquire about specific programs within each initiative that you personally might feel excited about supporting!  We will provide you with specific options upon request. 



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