My Two Shekels

Stories and reflections from Federation's President and CEO, Michael Jeser, about his own Jewish journeys, Federation's impact, and Jewish communities worldwide.

The (Not-So) Golden Years

When I was 6 years old, my mother was the activities director at a nursing home in Orlando, Florida. Each day after school, I was dropped off at the center to be with my mother until the end of her work day. I can recall getting to know, and even befriending, many of the residents of the  

Attacks Against Israel and Sha'ar HaNegev

For the past day, we have witnessed a significant escalation of violence on the ground in Israel.  A rocket fired from the Gaza strip made a direct hit in the Sharon area in central Israel, destroying a home and injuring at least 7 civilians (including two infants). 

As of a few hours a…

Supporting Survivors—Never Again, Never Forget!

This piece was written prior to the heinous attack on our brothers and sisters in New Zealand. Sadly, this piece is even more poignant today given that violence against others continues to devastate our world.

On a rainy Tuesday night in March, more than 500 community members gathered at C…

Moonshot, Pride & the Jews

On February 22, Israel proved itself, yet again, to be a true pioneer of innovation and technology. Millions around the world watched as the moon lander BERESHEET (Hebrew for “Creation”), built by the Israeli nonprofit organization SpaceIL, represented the very first Israeli spacecraft …

From Ethiopia - Realizing the Dream of Aliyah

Last Monday, 83 Ethiopian Jews landed at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv, realizing their dream to move to our Jewish homeland. It was only last October that the Israel government approved a plan to bring 1000 members of the Ethiopian community to Israel as part of what is called Operation…