Women's Philanthropy Board Installation

On June 4th, 25 women (and a handful of men) gathered to celebrate the 2018/2019 Women’s Philanthropy Board successes and usher in the 2019/2020 Women’s Philanthropy new Board Members and Officers.  Jodie Graber, Director of Women's Philanthropy, shared, “Our Women's Philanthropy Board members are the heart and soul of what we do at Federation. We're grateful to all of them for their incredible dedication, commitment, and passion for our work.”  Proudly serving a third year, Women's Philanthropy Board Chair, Silvana Christy welcomed her new Co-Chair/Incoming Chair, Judi Gottschalk, and returning Campaign Chair, Britney Ewing.  

The new Women’s Philanthropy Board Members are: Iris Avgil, Debbie Deverett, Allison Gardenswartz, Jessica Korsunsky, and Joanie Watkins. We extend them all a warm welcome. 

For more information about the Women's Philanthropy Board, contact Jodie Graber at 858-737-7139.


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