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Dear Community,


As rockets rain down on Israel and terrorists tunnel from below, Federation and our partners JDC and JAFI are on the ground providing essential humanitarian aid, security, and counseling to Israel's most vulnerable populations, including in our sister community, Sha'ar HaNegev.


Your help is needed now, more than ever.


Helping Children Cope with Trauma

Your generosity provides Israeli children with therapeutic Hibuki (“Huggy”) stuffed animals, which have extra-long arms that wrap around the child, giving them a much needed hug.

When a child is given a stuffed animal to actively care for, the child transfers his or her emotions onto the stuffed animal. By taking care of Hibuki, the child is able to process and cope with his or her own trauma, fears, and worries.


“Hibuki is sad because missiles were fired on his doghouse,” one child said. “He is afraid of war,” and “he is afraid to die” were common concerns raised by the children.

Federation is already making a difference in the lives of these children, but important humanitarian work like this can only continue with your support.


Today, I'm so grateful to announce that, thanks to a generous $1 million donor match by Andrew and Erna Viterbi, every gift to this emergency campaign, up to $50,000, will be matched dollar-for-dollar!


We are also very grateful to Caryn and Alan Viterbi who have volunteered to chair the Reach Out for Israel Campaign.


The Impact of Your Gift


Your gift will help move 45,000 children in the south of Israel to trauma counseling centers in the north, away from the threat of Hamas tunnels and rockets. 

Your gift will supplement hospitals in Beersheva and Ashkelon, which are caring for hundreds of injured civilians and soldiers - victims rarely mentioned in the media. 

Your gift will provide trauma counseling to people throughout Israel, including children and Holocaust survivors who are again experiencing the trauma of sirens and explosions. 

As always, 100% of your emergency fund donation will go directly  toward humanitarian aid.

Please give to our emergency campaign. The people of Israel need you now, more than ever.

With Prayers for a Peaceful Shabbat -

Michael Sonduck

President and CEO
Jewish Federation of San Diego County
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The Reach Out for Israel Campaign is supported nationally by the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements.



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