Urgent: Help The House of Israel Today

The House of Israel at Balboa Park

The House of Israel (The House) is a cherished asset of our San Diego Jewish and Israel landscape.  Since 1948, every Saturday and Sunday, volunteers have filled the small cottage with stories of history, connections, and greeting from all over the world. Volunteers are required to continue this important work, and there is a renewed effort to ensure the volunteer pool is plentiful.  

The Jewish Federation is a proud supporter of the House, in fact, they were an Innovation Fund grant recipient in 2013.  Please read on and take part in ensuring the success of this important institution.  

How can you help?

The House, like other international houses in Balboa Park is at a crossroad.  Please help them keep their doors open to more than 25,000 visitors per year.

1. Volunteer! The House of Israel opens its door every Saturday and Sunday in order to secure its prominent presence in Balboa Park. Currently, a small number of amazingly dedicated volunteers are running the show, but they need support. They are looking for new volunteers to join their core group and could commit to helping once every 2 months.
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2. If you are unable to volunteer but want to help, consider becoming a member (only $18) or give someone the gift of membership. 
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3. The House is looking for anyone with a special talent or skill that would be willing to donate his or her time and talent for an activity at the House. Singing, dancing, folk dancing, lectures, and so on – know someone with a talent?
Email us today or call Ruth Mastron at (760) 644-0335.

We believe in the power of our community and want to continue to show Israel to the world! Please get involved, share, or volunteer!


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