UPDATE: Community Responds to SDSU University Council Rejecting Anti-Israel

A few weeks ago, the SDSU Associated Students University Council voted pro-Israel on the important resolution, as reported below.  When we sent this wonderful news out on behalf of Federation partner Hillel of San Diego, the community response was so enthusiastic - we thought it worth sharing!

"As the California State Senator representing SDSU and as the Chair of California's Legislative Jewish Caucus, I admire and commend the judgement, courage, and fortitude of SDSU's AS Council members who, despite tremendous pressure, voted their conscience in supporting California's ongoing partnership with Israel.  This action is consistent with the recent historic trade agreement signed by California Governor Jerry Brown and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  California is open for business with our friends and allies in Israel, the Middle East's only true democracy." Senator Marty Block 
"Congratulations on your great success. I know you must have worked hard to make this happen."   - Sandy L. 
"Our fellow Aztecs would never let us down. Thanks to the super 16 who wisely voted to do the right thing." - Robert and Janet I. - SDSU Class of 87'
"Kol Hakavod for all your work and tireless efforts to deal with this issue -- and continue to be vigilant to mitigate BDS efforts." - Mark K.
"Congratulations for standing up to all the lies and pressure from the anti Jewish movement. Keep up the good work, we need more young people like you to lead the next generation. All my best." - Yvette L.
 "Great work! Hopefully more campuses will follow." - Grant B.
"Congratulations to all these bright students. I wish they could run for Congress, TODAY!!!" - Evelyn S.
"Congratulations! Thank you on behalf of the Jewish community for all the time and preparation you put into this effort. I am sure your families are so proud of you." - Barbara S.
"Well done Hillel! What a great and important victory." - Dan B.
And on behalf of Federation to our critical partner, Hillel of San Diego - Kol Hakavod and Mazel Tov!

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From Federation partner Hillel San Diego:

Israel on Campus Update from Michael Rabkin | April 23, 2014

After nearly six hours of discussion - the SDSU Associated Students University Council voted down an anti-Israel resolution by a decisive vote of 16 to 3.

The pro-Israel student group at SDSU, Aztecs for Israel (AFI), led the massive effort to combat BDS at SDSU and finally claimed victory tonight. Over the past several weeks, AFI President Nirit Revzin and her fellow members met regularly in the new Melvin Garb Hillel Center to strategize and rehearse their presentations with support from Hillel's Jewish Agency Israel Fellow Hen Caspi, Hillel at SDSU Director Jackie Tolley, AFI Advisor Yiftach Levy and our partners from ADL, JCRC, Judaic Studies and more. This was a wonderful example of a communal team effort to support our students.

You can join us in congratulating the pro-Israel student leaders and expressing gratitude to the 16 student officials who voted against divestment. Send us your personal messages by replying to this email, and we'll pass it along to them.

Israel is at the heart of Hillel's work. Our goal is to inspire every Jewish college student to develop a meaningful and enduring relationship with Jewish life, learning and Israel.

Pro-Israel students at SDSU are beaming with pride tonight. They know you are there for them and that you support them in their efforts. On behalf of these wonderful student leaders, I thank you.

With gratitude,

Michael Rabkin
Executive Director




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