Torah on Tap a Huge Sucess

On Wednesday, May 20th over 45 NextGeners met at The Ranch in Encinitas for the second installment of Torah on Tap.  In partnership with OU Next and the Leichtag Foundation, the program brought together young adults for an evening of Torah study, home brew tastings and tacos. 


In break-out groups led by volunteer facilitators, NextGeners studied the topic of booze, fermentation and change.  Using Talmudic sources, they explored the significance of wine and alcohol in the Jewish tradition and the relationship and tensions between the individual and community. In between text studies, NextGeners were offered samples of homebrews made at the Homebrew Workshop a few weeks prior.  



“It was incredible to see so many NextGeners come together in the spirit of learning, I literally left at the end of the evening with goosebumps,” said Danny Fleischer, NextGen Manager.


The event has received excellent appraisal by many and the program is quickly building a very special community around Jewish learning and exploration.  The next Torah on Tap will be held during August. 



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