Federation Responds to Attacks in Israel

The Jewish Federation of San Diego County strongly condemns the continued escalation of terrorism and violence in Israel. In two separate terrorist assaults today, five people – including an American – were killed and several others wounded. The terrorism being waged across Israel against innocent Israelis is profoundly disturbing, and the lack of response from the international community is unacceptable. 

In today’s attacks, Rabbi Aharon Yesiab and Reuven Aviram were stabbed to death and two others were injured at the entrance of an office building in Tel Aviv used for prayer services as afternoon prayers were taking place. Rabbi Yaakov Don, Shadi Arafa and an 18-year-old American were killed in a drive-by shooting attack near the West Bank settlement of Alon Shvut. This closely follows a shooting attack last Friday, in which a father and son, Rabbi Ya'akov and Netanel Litman, were killed on their way to a pre-wedding celebration in Hebron. We mourn for those who were killed, and pray for the swift recoveries of the injured and the solace of their loved ones and their community. We offer our condolences to the families of the deceased.

Terrorism is terrorism regardless of where it takes place. This is a global problem posing a threat to the entire free world, as evidenced by the horrendous attacks in Paris last week and in Israel today. The international community must join forces in overcoming this peril and condemn these attacks – be they in France or in Israel. We stand together in our concern and support for the people of Paris and all peace-loving peoples across the globe.

We pray for Israel. We pray for peace.



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