3 Good Deeds of Hope with The Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project invites YOU to join the TRIPLE MITZVAH EVENT: 3 GOOD DEEDS OF HOPE!
Are you yearning for hands-on ways to make a powerful difference? Do you know kids who are at home without the usual summer activities? Wouldn’t you love to make a tangible difference even in the midst of Covid-19 restrictions?

The Butterfly Project is excited to invite the entire Jewish Federation of San Diego County community to join our Triple Mitzvah Event: 3 Good Deeds of Hope! This event offers an easy, creative and engaging way for community members of all ages to support our work AND pay-it-forward!

The Butterfly Project has always strived to provide out-of-the-box programming to bring students and community members lessons of the Holocaust in a meaningful and creative way. Your support helps us to expand our lessons as we address current issues of inequity, justice, inclusion and empathy. 

The steps to participate in the Triple Mitzvah Event are EASY!!!!

  • Good Deed 1: SUPPORT The Butterfly Project with a tax-deductible gift of $54 (or more) online by July 22nd and receive a complimentary 6 count butterfly painting kit.
  • Good Deed 2: Donate canned and dry food (for the JFS Hand Up Food Pantry and local Holocaust Survivors in need) AND pick up your butterfly painting kit via our contact-free, drive-through, process on July 26th.
  • Good Deed 3: We will collect your painted butterflies from your home (or you can drop them off) and use them to create beautiful planter boxes that will be donated to local front-line service organizations.

For more information and to complete good Deed 1, go to our website.

Please help us further by SHARING THIS EVENT with your family and friends!!!

Cheryl Rattner Price Executive Director - Co-Founder The Butterfly Project


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