Thanking Our Volunteers

On Wednesday night, Federation’s incredible volunteers gathered at Congregation Beth Am for an evening of recognition and appreciation. More than one hundred community volunteers and leaders attended the event, which honored the work of  300+ volunteers who make all Federation's work around the world possible. For more than 78 years Federation has relied on the knowledge, vision, and hard work of this special class of people, and they are greatly appreciated.

Federation would like to extend a special recognition, thank you, and best wishes to members completing board service this year, who have worked tirelessly to help realize the vision of a vibrant, caring, connected, and enduring Jewish community:

Juli Bear
Terri Bignell
Jeff Deverett
Jessica Effress
Claire Ellman
Leslie Fastlicht Russo
Miki Lamm
Danielle Miller
Ingrid Shulman
Carly Simms
Daniel Weinstein
Lee Wollach
Sara Zolott

The gift, of your time, is priceless.

Federation is also excited to welcome four new incoming board members, David Ellman Karen Kogut, Stacie Bresler-Reinstein, and Laura Vainer. More information on these extraordinary volunteers to come.

Finally, a HUGE toda raba to Federation outgoing board chair, Theresa Dupuis.  She has made an incredible impact on the community, and her hard work will undoubtedly benefit thousands, for years to come.

See the full list of our extraordinary volunteers here:
See photos of the evening here.


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