Temple Beth Shalom Declared a Historic Site

By Donald H. Harrison, San Diego Jewish World

Temple Beth Shalom, a Conservative congregation that in 1958 became one of the first local Jewish houses of worship to locate outside the City of San Diego, was designated on Wednesday, Feb. 17, as a historic site of the suburban City of Chula Vista.

The  Jewish congregation, then using the Ashkenazic spelling ‘Beth Sholom,’ remodeled a Spanish-style building that since 1924 has been the home of St. John’s Episcopal Church, which in the meantime had moved to larger quarters.  Beth Sholom replaced Christian symbols with menorahs in front and atop the sanctuary building.

The seven-member Historic Preservation Commission of Chula Vista voted unanimously for the historic designation after City Planner Marilyn Ponseggi reported that Beth Shalom, located at 208 and 210 Madrona Street, met two criteria for historic preservation for buildings that are over the age of 45.

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