Statement on UN Anti-Israel Resolution

The Jewish Federation of San Diego County, along with the leadership of Jewish Federations of North America, share the deep disappointment in the anti-Israel resolution that was passed without opposition by the UN Security Council.

Just two years ago, when the US vetoed a similar resolution, UN Ambassador Samantha Power stated, “We voted against it because we know what everyone here knows, as well – peace will come from hard choices and compromises that must be made at the negotiating table.” This time the US abstained, despite 88 members of the US Senate supporting a rejection of such resolutions.

We are deeply troubled to learn of a renewed push to propose resolutions at the United Nations Security Council that undermines a genuine effort for peace in the region and demonstrate once again the international body's bias against Israel.

Brian Tauber, Federation Board Chair said, “We are disappointed with the UN’s continued focus on Israel while the Syrian government, with the support of Iran and Russia, have committed genocide on its civilians, including through the use chemical weapons, and ongoing massacre of civilians in Aleppo. These actions have not resulted in a single UN resolution, Security Council or otherwise, yet the issue of settlements, long agreed upon as a topic for direct negotiations, is the target of the Council.

I fear that this short-sighted decision will embolden the Palestinian leadership to continue their international campaign to delegitimize Israel’s existence rather than genuinely pursue a path to peace that Israelis and Palestinians both deserve”

 JFNA Board of Trustees Chair Richard Sandler calls on the United States to uphold its longstanding policy to oppose any one-sided condemnatory UN Security Council resolution on the Palestinian-Israeli issue if it is presented for a vote.

 “One-sided UN resolutions will not move the parties closer to an agreement. Lasting peace can only be achieved through direct negotiations between the two parties,” Sandler said.


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