Spotlight on JDC: Developing Remote Rehabilitation Services

When JDC’s multidisciplinary Misgav rehabilitation centers for older adults closed during the first lockdown, JDC worked with its partners to shift the centers online – making use of digital technology to remotely provide the entire range of rehabilitation therapies/consultations (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, psychology, dietetics, medical, nursing) for its clients in the social and geographic periphery, or for those in quarantine. This rapid shift into providing remote rehabilitation services is a perfect example of how COVID-19 created opportunities, not just challenges. Remote rehabilitation capacity has been long in need and COVID-19 accelerated its development.

Today, JDC has integrated remote rehabilitation into regular care at five of our six currently operating Misgav centers, with four centers using it on a daily basis. These centers together treat about 80 clients a month, providing about 600 treatments over the last month, of which approximately 100 were delivered online. Remote services reach clients who are unable to come to the center and complements care by enabling therapists to work virtually with clients in their home environments. The benefit of this ability is described by a therapist in this moving video about Remote Rehab during the pandemic.

Remote Rehabilitation 

With your support, Federation is proud to partner with the American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee (JDC). JDC is the leading global humanitarian organization putting values into action when the world needs it most. To learn more about JDC’s response to the Coronavirus please CLICK HERE.

For more information on Israel and Overseas, please contact Miri Ketayi, Director Israel & Overseas.


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