Solidarity Against Anti-Semitism - Come to the J!

As you are all aware, the Jewish community has experienced a rash of terrible anti-Semitic acts over the past two months.  While Jews are statistically the largest target of hate crimes in America (by far), these recent activities have garnered significant attention and, unfortunately, impacted members of our community.  As a community, we stand with the JCC as it confronts these threats.

We have all heard and agree with the calls for an end to anti-Semitism and hatred in general, with condemnations emanating from numerous sectors of our society.  Most heartwarming to me, personally, has been the Muslim communities' support, not just in word but in deed, from starting a Crowdfunding effort for headstone repairs in the Missouri cemetery to the Muslim veterans who have volunteered to provide security at Jewish sites across America.  How awesome are they!?!

Well, we refuse to be intimidated. These cowardly acts will only strengthen the Jewish community as we unite in the face of such hatred.  To show solidarity with the JCC, its members and program participants - and the entire Jewish community - I will be working out of The Bean (JCC’s cafeteria area) as much as possible next week.  I encourage everyone to take some action to express our solidarity and our refusal to grant those that seek to terrorize an ounce of satisfaction. 

Come by the J -  I’ll buy you a coffee.


Brian Tauber
Federation Board Chair

Join us, ADL, JCC and more on Sunday March 5 for a special security briefing.




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